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Whether you walk, run, hike or bike, you can track
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Our Features

87% of people who carry out their fitness activity alone usually fail.
FYTO helps you succeed.

Create Groups

Growth only happens when we step outside our comfort zones, but taking the first step to a healthier you doesn't have to be a solo excursion. One great way to achieve your goals is through group activities and challenges. Fyto does not focus on tracking your activities, though we need the tracking as a tool of measure. Focus is on the groups to perform better.

We recommend no more than 5 – 10 people in each group.

Each group leader creates the challenge, assigns the start date, and outlines the activities for each week

The group leader ensures participants are performing consistently.

Each group should have a cheer leader who engages the group in conversations motivating people to perform.

Leader and the cheer leader use the chat feature to engage others.

Different participants can assume the role of group leader and/or cheer leader each week.

Build Challenges

Planning your next workout just got easier. That's because our fitness challenges come with day-by-day calendars to keep you on track, plus lots of activities so you won't get bored. For multiple week challenges, the level of toughness increases to raise endurance. Every challenge tracks your important daily activities and helps you be in the right shape.

1 week challenge
3 weeks challenge
6 week challenge
9 weeks challenge


Water Intake

Sleep Activity

Fitness Activities


Customized gamification

Create your own challenge that includes varied activities or use predefined challenges.

Social exchange

Constant interaction with your friends and family while participating in challenges

Focus on complete wellness

3 core activities and many other activity variations ensure focus on all facets of wellness

Cross- platform integration

Interact and compete in challenges with your friends regardless of wearable devices they use

Activity Analytics

Be more self-aware through insights based on activity data to improve your performance

Incentivized wellness

Redeem points earned through challenges which gives a chance to earn great personalised rewards

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