What is FYTO? How is it different than many other fitness apps available?

FYTO is the only available wellness app that leverages a unique combination of social networking, gamification, analytics, and incentivization techniques to influence people’s lifestyle and improve their health.

Do I need a wearable device and a fitness tracker to use FYTO?

FYTO needs to track the steps as one of the daily activities along with many others that a participant wants to choose in a challenge. Your phone has a built-in tracker that can count your steps; however, a wearable device is one of the most convenient ways to accurately monitor your steps since you don’t need to carry your phone with you all the time.

How does FYTO ensure activities that require a manual input from the participants are accurately reported?

We believe the primary motivation for our participants to engage with FYTO is their own interest in managing their health. FYTO requires trust among the participants of a challenge. Although one can report inflated performance measure for an activity to win a challenge, in the long run they are not leveraging the capabilities of the app to elevate their health.

I only see Fitbit in the Devices page to connect to FYTO. How do I connect to my wearable device’s fitness tracking app to join FYTO community?

If you are a Fitbit user, FYTO directly connects to the Fitbit app. If you are not a Fitbit user, FYTO connects to your devices’ tracking applications through Health Kit platform if you have an iPhone or Google Fit platform if you have an Android phone. iPhone users assign the data source within the Health app. FYTO then gets the data from the Health app through the Health Kit API. Android users get the data from Google Fit.

My steps are not synhing on the FYTO app with the device?

Check that the app of the wearable device is synched with the device (for e.g. Health App for Apple Watch, Fitbit app for Fitbit, and Google Fit app in Android for any other device). FYTO only fetches the data from these apps, not from the devices directly. Disconnecting the device and then reconnecting resolves the issue most of the time.

I have an Apple Watch which is connected to the iPhone but steps in Health app and FYTO do not match with iWatch?

First, please check that your Bluetooth setting is on and your iPhone is connected to Apple Watch. Next, go to “Data Sources & Access” within the Steps inside Activity section and check if Apple Watch is listed first in the Data Sources. If not, you can change the order of listed sources by selecting Edit and dragging down the other sources by touching the 3 lines on the right side of the source name. This puts Apple Watch highest in the priority and the Health App will read the steps from the Apple Watch. The only other reason for a difference is a slight lag in Health app in refreshing its data from the Apple Watch.

Where do I input the sleep data for last night to appear on FYTO?

Go to Sleep section within the Health app and then select Sleep Analysis. Here you can add sleep start and end date and time.

Can I add steps, water, and sleep for the previous days?

When you synch the wearable device with its app, the steps are synched for all previous days. At this time, water intake and sleep must be manually entered on the same day. In the next version, water and sleep can be added for the previous day but not more than past one day. This enforces timely accurate entries and avoids any intentional inaccurate entries.

How are the points for various activities calculated?

The algorithm that FYTO uses to calculate points gives different weightage to all activities. The points increase with the level of activities. Steps have the highest weightage as the data is synched from the devices, Sleep has higher weightage than water intake. Other activities are converted into equivalent steps first and then assigned the points in the same way as the steps.

Can I create another challenge with the same group without needing to invite all group members again?

At this time, a new group must be created for every new challenge. In our next release, groups can be created and managed independent of the challenges.

Where can I find information of the previous challenges that I have completed?

Previous challenges can be seen in the Archive section within the Groups page. Challenge stays on the Group page for one week after the end date, following which it moves to the Archive section.

How do my invitees know that I have sent an invite for a challenge?

Invitees should receive an email from FYTO asking them to go to the FYTO app and accept the challenge. This email is received at the same email address that is used at the time of challenge creation.

What are the points in the Today section on the home page?

These are the points that you have earned with the activities from today. This number should be updated throughout the day as you progress towards your daily target for each activity.

What is a streak?

Streak enables the user to compete with oneself in a spirit of continuous improvement. It tracks the number of continuous days when you have met or exceeded the target performance for all activities in the challenge. For e.g., if you achieve the targets 3 days continuously, miss the targets once and then again meet the targets for 2 days, your streak will show 3 which is the last maximum number of continuous days when you met the targets for all activities.